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Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish (Fish Innovation Lab) aims to reduce poverty and improve nutrition, food security, and livelihoods in developing countries by supporting sustainable development of aquaculture and fisheries systems. Check out our latest posts to learn more about how the Fish Innovation Lab is tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges in agriculture and food security.

Researchers in a boat. Front row from left to right is Phannara and Phun, and in the back row from left to right is Champapao, Chakriya Chum and Sreyden, visiting fishermen along the Sre Ambel River to collect fish for nutrition analysis.

Building Capacity: Graduate Student in Cambodia Working on the First Nutritional Database for Fish

One Innovation Lab for Fish project is helping develop a nutritional database for fish, which will provide the knowledge...

Group of fish farmers holding certificates.

Aquaculture Training Teaches Bangladesh Farmers Business Practices to Be More Profitable

A day-long training workshop for fish farmers on scientific and farm business management practices in Bangladesh...

Photo of a tree in the middle of a body of water in Bangladesh

Innovations in Aquaculture Production and Fisheries Management Build Climate Resilience

The Fish Innovation Lab is working to address climate-related shocks to aquaculture and fisheries through two current...

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