Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Three linked Feed the Future Initiatives are engaging the private sector in supporting small farmers to adapt to climate change: FtF Learning Community for Supply Chain Resilience, Climate Smart Cocoa and the Alliance for Resilient Coffee. These three initiatives increase private sector engagement through the creation of climate tools, pre-competitive learning and collective action.

Across the developing world, the absence of capital and the lack of tools and access to sound information combined with limited levels of basic skills in agronomy, financial management, climate adaptation and mitigation continues to exclude the rural poor from capturing the benefits from the formal economy. Supporting smallholder farmers, their communities and actors along the value chain adapt to imminent climate related shocks will require a holistic approach that engages development practitioners, financial institutions, researchers, and public and private sector players. USAID’s innovative BAA mechanism supported the development of these three linked consortia to unlock private sector – specifically, global and local agribusiness – engagement in building the resilience of smallholder supply chains; and strengthen USAID’s capacity to stimulate investment and effectively partner with the private sector. To learn more about the Learning Community view our Posts or read the resources tab.

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Climate-Smart Agriculture 101 
The website aims to help practitioners, researchers and decision-makers working with or interested in climate-smart agriculture. 

Climate Smart Coffee Website
A website designed to guide medium and large companies, who buy from and support smallholder coffee value chains, to identify relevant areas of engagement and investment in smallholder adaptation to climate change.

Climate Smart Cocoa Website
A website designed to guide anyone working with smallholder cocoa production to identify relevant areas of engagement and investment in smallholder adaptation to climate change.

Climate Smart Agriculture Country Briefs

Quick and easy to read, the Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) country profiles give an overview of the agricultural challenges in countries around the world, and how CSA can help them adapt to and mitigate climate change.  Interested in commodity specific information?  Cocoa and Coffee Country Briefs have been created and can be found on Climate Smart Coffee and Cocoa websites.


Alliance for Resilient Coffee

The Alliance for Resilient Coffee (ARC) is a consortium of seven leading non-governmental organizations and research institutions. ARC members are integrating their experiences with the objective to align the latest climate research and practical tools to unlock investments from the coffee sector in climate-smart agriculture.