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This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

The Post-Harvest Loss Innovation Lab is working to reduce post-harvest loss and food waste of durable staple crops (grains, oilseeds, legumes, root crops and seeds) and related processed products. The Lab enables smallholder farmers, cooperatives, agribusinesses, NGOs, and other stakeholder partners to improve moisture measurement, drying and storage techniques, insect and mycotoxin prevention and market-based value chain access.

Research and development is making it possible for improved yields in low-income countries; however, despite this, approximately 20-30 percent of crops are lost soon after harvest. Our Lab researches what can be done decrease these large losses in stored product crops, especially among smallholder and subsistence farmers. Sharing knowledge is a key part of this—to spread concrete wins across communities and regions.

Lead Institute
Kansas State University

Focus countries
Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Nepal, Honduras and Afghanistan

US based partners
Find a list of all of our partners here.

Focus country partners
Find a list of all of our partners here.

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For more information, contact Dena Bunnel, at denab@ksu.edu, or Dr. Jagger Harvey, at jjharvey@ksu.edu

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