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Ag Sector Council 6th Anniversary: Thank You for Participating!

This post was written by Zachary Baquet and Julie MacCartee, the Knowledge Management team at the USAID Bureau for Food Security. Zachary and Julie manage and facilitate the Ag Sector Council seminar series with the support of the Feed the Future Knowledge-Driven Agricultural Development (KDAD) project.

Thank you for participating in the Agriculture Sector Council Seminar Series, the flagship seminar of the USAID Bureau for Food Security. February 2015 marks the 6th anniversary of the series – a milestone we could not have reached without your engagement and feedback. Instead of hosting a seminar this month, we are taking a break to reflect on the past. Going forward, with the support of the top-notch Agrilinks team, we will continue to deliver the latest thinking and “how-to’s” around agriculture and food security in the development sector through audience-focused seminars and webinars.

Over the course of 6 years, we have held 63 Ag Sector Council seminars, with recordings of 55 of them available on Agrilinks. We encourage you to check out the Ag Sector Council archives to access recordings, transcripts, videos, and other resources. For a throwback experience, you can watch the first presentation we captured: “Why Hunger in Asia?” by Jochaim von Braun, former Director General of the International Food Policy Research Institute (June 2009). Or, you can take a gander at our top five events by attendance:

One of the things we are especially proud of is attracting a global audience that includes USAID staff (both DC- and Mission-based), implementing partners, academia, the private sector, and others. As you can see from the map below, individuals join the webinars from cities on every continent except for Antarctica. (If you have any colleagues in Antarctica, please forward our next event announcement to them!) One of our priorities is to facilitate networking, whether over coffee and breakfast for our in-person participants or via the chat box for our online participants. We hope that you have enjoyed the opportunity to connect with a range of friends, colleagues, and technical experts through the Ag Sector Council seminars.

Cities from which participants have joined Ag Sector Council

Over the next two weeks, we will publish a series of blog posts that highlight our top Ag Sector Council content and share some of the lessons we’ve learned from implementing a monthly seminar/webinar series.

How are we doing so far? Do you have suggestions for the future of the series? Please let us know by commenting below or emailing agrilinks@agrilinks.org!

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