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#AskAg Twitter Chat Recap: International Volunteers Advance Ag Development

January #AskAg Twitter ChatAt this month's #AskAg Twitter Chat the Agrilinks team welcomed six experts from various organizations that focus on volunteering for development. Experts from VEGA, TechoServe, ACDI/VOCA, and the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington shared their thoughts and expertise to our Twitter audience. This #AskAg Twitter Chat featured returned volunteers and organizations that connect individuals to international agricultural volunteer opportunities. The chat brought together potential, existing, and returned volunteers who have spent time overseas working in agricultural projects and various food security initiatives. Throughout the chat, the Twitter audience shared stories, discussed what makes for a good volunteer, and learned more about the non-monetary benefits of giving one's time to such causes. Please read below to access all of the great information that was shared throughout our hour-long conversation.

The experts and the #AskAg Community came together to discuss the following questions:

  1. What do volunteers gain from their service?
  2. What type of traits/skills make for an effective volunteer?
  3. What does an AgDev Volunteer experience look like, and how does this differ from paid work?
  4. What sorts of challenges do volunteers face, and what resources help them address these challenges?

Access the resources below and send us any questions that you might have if you're interested in volunterering with one of the organizations below. 

Resources shared during the Twitter Chat

Organizations' How-to Volunteer Pages:

*Organizations that participate in the Farmer-to-Farmer Program

Volunteer/Project Case Studies:

Academic Tools/Resources & Various Articles:

Returned Volunteer Platforms: