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#AskAg Twitter Chat Recap: Low-Cost Video for Ag Development

Feed the Future KDAD team at the Twitter Chat control roomAt this month's Special Twitter Chat we discussed the use of low-cost video to promote agricultural development, food security, and nutrition. The chat featured Rikin Gandhi of Digital Green, Maciej Chmielewski of the Feed the Future KDAD Project, Josh Woodard of FHI 360, and Matt York of One Media Player Per Teacher (OMPT), all of whom are using video as a tool for agricultural extension and development. The experts shared their experiences, tools and resources, and most of all key lessons learned with integrating low-cost video. The experts also took the time to answer questions from the audience on ways low-cost video can benefit their organizations.

 The experts and the #AskAg community came together to discuss the following questions:

  1. How are you using video to promote Agricultural Development and improve Nutrition?
  2. What are some examples of effective aAgricultural development and nutrition videos?
  3. What makes a video program sustainable & what partnerships should be in place to ensure it continues?
  4. What resources do you find most useful in creating your video strategy?

Resources shared during Twitter Chat

Academic Journals/Articles:



Video Examples:

Read the Storify below for the full recap!