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#AskAg Twitter Chat Recap: Women in Cross-Border Agricultural Trade

Update: Twitter chat team answers a few of the questions posed by participants that could not be squeezed into the one hour chat here.

Yesterday the Agrilinks Team hosted its third #AskAg Twitter chat, partnering with the USAID Enabling Agricultural Trade (EAT) project and featuring gender and food security experts Deborah Rubin of Cultural Practice, LLC and Caren Grown of USAID’s Bureau for Policy, Planning, and Learning. The chat focused on on how increasing opportunities for women in cross-border agricultural trade can open new pathways to economic growth, food security, and poverty reduction in developing countries. Thank you to all of the tweeps (Tweet-speak for Twitter users) who joined in and posted questions on women and cross-border agricultural trade. Lots of great information was shared -- read the recap below and continue learning about this topic through all of the resources shared by USAID's EAT project, including EAT's policy brief, "Women in Cross-Border Agricultural Trade."


Gender and Data

Women in Cross-Border Trade