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#AskAg Twitter Chat Recap: Youth Employment

As discussed during yesterday's #AskAg chat on Youth Employment in Agriculture, youth are more likely to try innovative approaches when it comes to agriculture. If we are asking youth to try new technology, then we as development practitioners should try it too! The #AskAg Twitter Chat put our panel of experts—all Twitter newbies—to the test, and they passed handily. Tweets were streaming in at a rapid pace from Zambia to Mexico, Uganda to Ithaca, NY. To discuss youth employment, we brought together Rachel Blum (@rrblum) of USAID, Karen Brooks (@IFPRI) of IFPRI, David Feige (@DavidFeigeAg) of Making Cents International, and Carol O'Laughlin (@cbmo46) of Winrock International.

During the chat, our experts and participants addressed the following topics:

  • Opportunities in production/non-production aspects that could make the agriculture sector appealing to young people as a career
  • Access to land for farming in Africa, Asia or Latin America
  • Challenges/barriers for getting young people interested in agricultural employment
  • Effective methods for getting young men and women the knowledge they need
  • Necessary skills and assets to contribute to agriculture value chain competitiveness
  • Examples of programs that work to help young people enter farming or value chains and succeed

Read through our tweet recap for a summary of the discussion, and explore some of the links shared during the chat below.


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