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Day 2 | Annual Innovation Lab Council Partners Workshop

This blog post was part of a mini series covering the 2014 Feed the Future Innovation Lab Council Partners Workshop held in Kathmandu, Nepal. To learn more about the Feed the Future Innovation Labs and the amazing work that they produce please visit here.

This day began by diving directly into the weeds, or rather, a discussion of the latest research to come out of Innovation Labs on the topics of crop improvement, nutrition, and horticulture.

The repeated points were the link between agriculture and nutrition, reducing postharvest loss, and interventions that would improve women’s livelihoods specifically. Here is a sample of key points made via Twitter:

Richard Rose from International Development Enterprises (iDE) used a nice Venn Diagram of successful interventions having not only the what(the research/tech innovation), but also the who (the audience/those in need) and the how (the market/business model). Overall, there was a basic understanding that if an innovation doesn’t make financial sense to a smallholder farmer, it won’t be adopted. This sentiment was repeated in various ways, and I think people are leaving with an appreciation for thinking of nutrition and food security interventions systemically – from research to on-the-ground implementation.

Field trip tomorrow! Stay tuned for updates.

.....Pachi bhēṭaum̐lā

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