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This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Feedback Requested on Draft Guidance Document for USAID Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Programs

USAID is seeking input on a draft guidance brief on nutrition-sensitive agriculture. This guidance will assist implementers in applying the new USAID Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy to agricultural development programs. Your input will help USAID shape its recommendations and requirements for nutrition-sensitive agriculture programming.

The deadline to provide feedback is close of business on Monday, January 12. Providing input is simple:

  1. Download and review the draft guidance document.
  2. Complete this survey.

All individuals with an interest in nutrition-sensitive agriculture are invited to comment. In particular, USAID is interested in your feedback on the clarity of the guidance document, the utility of three new Feed the Future indicators for nutrition-sensitive agriculture, and the suitability of the following criteria for supporting and monitoring nutrient-rich value chains:

  1. Target production of nutrient-rich crops, ideally those that include nutrients lacking in diet.  
  2. Include behavior change communication components specifically aimed at the consumption of target crops.
  3. Ensure target crop availability in local markets and support consumption education.
  4. Measure outcomes, including intermediate targets such as consumption and market availability.

A webinar was held on December 15 to release the draft guidance document and discuss prioities. If you would like to review the webinar recording or the transcript from this event, please click here.

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