Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Fish Porridge: A Recipe for Healthy Kids in Cambodia

This is the second installment of a video mini-series highlighting Agrilinks’ visits to Feed the Future programs in Cambodia. Click here to view the first video and blog in the series on Community Fish Refuges.

Fish is a rich source of the critical nutrients a young body needs, including protein, omega-3 fats and several essential vitamins and minerals, from selenium, iodine and zinc to vitamins A, B and D. In coastal countries like Cambodia, fish is accessible to even the poorest households, many of which rely on fishing for both food and income.

And yet many children in Cambodia and beyond aren’t fed fish until the critical window of opportunity — the 1,000 days between pregnancy and a child's second birthday — has passed. Click here to learn more about why the 1,000 days are key to a child's cognitive and physical development and high-impact interventions promoted by USAID’s Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy.

Agrilinks interviewed leadership from WorldFish about the organization’s Feed the Future-funded programs to promote children’s fish consumption in Cambodia. Click on the video below to learn more.

As the video discusses, one recipe for success WorldFish promotes is a savory “fish porridge” made with a well-mashed blend of rice, small fish and vegetables. The organization uses cooking demonstrations, recipe handouts and other creative means of educating mothers about the superfood of the sea and ways to incorporate fish into their children’s diets.