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Freedom Fone: Expanding mobile reach via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and SMS

The global spread of mobile phones has enormous potential to increase the impact of development programs, and many current applications focus on SMS technology. But what happens when you can't read and don't have access to the internet or television? What does a text message mean to you?

Freedom Fone, an open source, interactive voice-based communications platform, enables users to engage with their audiences across literacy, language, and connectivity barriers using mobile phones. When used in conjunction with radio, Freedom Fone enables legions of listeners a two-way communications channel to access and supply information in ways that wouldn't be possible via available channels. Freedom Fone was developed in Zimbabwe by Kubatana.net and has been deployed more than 100 times by 23 projects in 15 countries.

Watch the interactive multimedia presentation above or view it on the Projeqt website.

Join USAID's FACET project on Tuesday, May 28 for a webinar, "The Face Behind the App – Freedom Fone" featuring Brenda Burrell, Technical Director of Freedom Fone.

This post is part of a new series about information and communications technology (ICT) tools being used to improve agricultural outcomes. The ICT Innovations blog series is presented by USAID’s FACET project, based on profiles posted at ictforag.org.