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FSN Network Meeting: Abdi Abdullahi Hussein on pastoralism & Mulugeta Berhanu on meeting highlights

At the FSN Network East Africa Meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Abdi Abdullahi Hussein of Pastoralist Concern and Mulugeta Berhanu of the Relief Society of Tigray (REST) participated in interviews with the Agrilinks team.

Abdi Abdullahi Hussein presented during the plenary session, "Pastoralism at the Crossroads: Exploring the Opportunities in Vulnerable Livelihoods Systems" where he highlighted his organization's activities with pastoralist communities. Pastoralist Concern, founded in 1995, is focused on improving and creating lasting positive changes in the lives of pastoralist communities in Ethiopia. Learn more about Pastoralist Concern here.

Mulugeta Berhanu traveled to the FSN Meeting from northern Ethiopia where REST has been operating since 1978. As a participant in the meeting, Agrilinks caught up with Berhanu to find out more about REST and what he learned from the knowledge sharing meeting. Learn more about REST here.

Abdi Abdullahi Hussein

Bio:Abdi Abdullahi Hussein, Pastoralist Concern
Abdi Abdullahi Hussein has Master’s degree in development studies from Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University. He has more than 30 years of experience working as a development practitioner and think tank on pastoral development in the Horn at large and Ethiopia specially serving in different capacities in various international and national NGOs advocating issues of pastoral concern. He has written a number of papers on pastoral development including “Camels in Town” a case study on Gode town in the Somali Region as part of a pastoral innovation research project sponsored by the Institute of Development Studies. He is currently leading a pioneer local NGO called Pastoral Concern and chairs the Pastoralist Forum Ethiopia Board.

Mulugeta Berhanu