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Highlights from the #AskAg Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index Twitter Chat

<script src="http://storify.com/Agrilinks/askag-women-s-empowerment-index-twitter-cha... href="http://storify.com/Agrilinks/askag-women-s-empowerment-index-twitter-chat" target="_blank">View the story "#AskAg Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index Twitter Chat" on Storify</a>]<h1>#AskAg Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index Twitter Chat</h1><h2>On April 3, USAID, Agrilinks, and Feed the Future led the #AskAg Twitter chat on the new Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index. Experts Emily Hogue and Tania Tam of USAID were on hand to answer questions on the Index. Read highlights below and stay tuned for more from USAID on the Agrilinks Blog.</h2><p>Storified by Agrilinks &middot; Fri, Apr 06 2012 12:39:20</p><div>Don't forget to submit ?s about #Women's Empowerment in #Ag Index to @Agrilinks #AskAg http://bit.ly/GJPBlK Join us for answers April 3Feed the Future</div><div>Read the Women's Empowerment in Ag Index brochure &amp; send us your ?s before the #AskAg chat w @FeedtheFuture on Apr 3 http://1.usa.gov/H9JI1BAgrilinks</div><div>Read the brocuhure:</div><div>Release of the Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index | Feed the FutureFeed the Future is the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative. It represents a $3.5 billion pledge to address the r...</div><div>#AskAg chat is happening tomorrow between 12-1 p.m. EST. What will you ask about the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index? @AgrilinksSusan Buzzelli</div><div>Hi! Emily Hogue from the @FeedtheFuture M&amp;E team here. Looking 4ward to answering Qs on the #WEAI. #AskAgFeed the Future</div><div>Hi welcome to our #WEAI Twitterhour! I'm Tania from the M&amp;E Team at @FeedtheFuture. #AskAgTania Tam</div><div>yfrog Photo : http://yfrog.com/1gj9g2j Shared byby</div><div>The team is all smiles during the #AskAg chat. From left to right:&nbsp;Tania Tam of USAID, Maciej Chmielewski of USAID's KDMD Project (implemented by The QED Group), Emily Hogue of USAID, and Jen Cupp of Feed the Future.&nbsp;</div><div>Here we go! #AskAg Q1: If the indicators are what highlight specific constraints, why use an index?Agrilinks</div><div>#AskAg: A1: Understanding specific constraints is vital for improving programs, but...Feed the Future</div><div>#AskAg: A1: #WEAI can serve as a quick gauge of #women status in #ag It can provide motivation &amp; serve as a warning for policymakersFeed the Future</div><div>#AskAg: A1: 4 more on how the #WEAI can be used 4 #policy &amp; #planning, check out the brochure http://go.usa.gov/mCbFeed the Future</div><div>We are following the #AskAg Twitter chat on the #Women’s Empowerment in #Ag Index w @FeedtheFuture now! http://bit.ly/GJPBlK Follow along!Thousand Days</div><div>Watch this&nbsp;Feed the Future video to learn more about the&nbsp;importance&nbsp;of incorporating women into agriculture. Narrator Matt Damon discusses the importance of increasing food production around the world and notes the importance of&nbsp;equipping women&nbsp;with the right tools, training, and &nbsp;technology to see as much as a 30 percent increase in food production.&nbsp;</div><div>UNGA_2011 Women &amp; Agriculturequarterhorse2158</div><div>#askag @Agrilinks How will #WEAI incorporate improving #women's #landrights? Your five focus areas can be improved if women have #landrightsLandesa</div><div>@Landesa_global: Great point! Control over land as resource is tracked under the #WEAI under the 2nd domain http://go.usa.gov/mCb #AskAgFeed the Future</div><div>@Agrilinks What indicators will be used to measure success? #AskAg @FeedtheFuture @ifpri @USAID @ophi_oxfordBrianna Plaza</div><div>@BriannaPlaza there are 10 indicators in 5 domains &amp; find them @ http://go.usa.gov/mCb the ?s in the survey find them @ #AskAgTania Tam</div><div>#AskAg Q3 via @FoodAgVietNam: Cn WEAI B used 4 groups or only individuals? How many women have 2 B profiled 2 get good pic of a community?Agrilinks</div><div>#AskAg: A3-#WEAI was developed to survey individuals It isnt currently geared to collect data at a group levelFeed the Future</div><div>#AskAg: A3-#WEAI is new, more research is needed 2 know how to calculate sample sizes We hope to have more info on this after FTF baselinesFeed the Future</div><div>#AskAg Q4 via @acdivoca: When will all survey tools be released? How long does it take to conduct one survey?Agrilinks</div><div>#AskAg A4 the survey is available now! @ http://bit.ly/HbZQQ7Tania Tam</div><div>#AskAg A4 it takes about 30 mins perperson on avg and per household can take 1-1.5 hrsTania Tam</div><div>View the survey:</div><div>Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index | International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)Download Questionnaires and Manual (ZIP 3.9M) Women play a critical and potentially transformative role in agricultural growth in develop...</div><div>#AskAg Will the impact evaluations be centralized in some way so that they are comparable across projects?Margaret Weant</div><div>@magpiemay: @FeedtheFuture is developing a comprehensive eval agenda to standardize methodologies and focus on key questions #AskAgFeed the Future</div><div>yfrog Photo : http://yfrog.com/nth2orcj Shared by AgrilinksAgrilinks</div><div>Emily Hogue and Jen Cupp Tweeting away.</div><div>#AskAg Q5 via @DavidSoroko1: How will WEI measure women’s income and expenditures viz FTF? If gross margin, how to ensure data quality?Agrilinks</div><div>#AskAg: A5- #WEAI measures #women control over how household uses ag income Focus is strictly on #empowerment distinct from economic statusFeed the Future</div><div>#AskAg: A5- But FTF will collect HH expenditure data in surveys W/WEAI allowing us to examine the rel'ship btn HH income/exp &amp; #empowermentFeed the Future</div><div>#askag how does @USAID and @FeedtheFuture plan to roll out the #WEAI in existing USG projects? can it be used bit by bit or only in whole?Erin Lauer</div><div>@ErinLauer Indicators can be used individually but can't be used as index if broken apart, only in whole #AskAg @ophi_oxford @ifpri @USAIDFeed the Future</div><div>Thanks so much to Emily Hogue, @taniatam and @FeedtheFuture for a great #AskAg chat!Agrilinks</div><div>Thanks for participating in our #AskAg chat on the #WEAI! Sorry we couldn’t get to all your ?s but we’ll do our best to respond soon!Feed the Future</div><div>#AskAg participants please share your feedback on the chat! We want to hear from you! http://bit.ly/HdyRziAgrilinks</div><div>@Agrilinks Submitted my #AskAg survey. Thanks for the great conversation!Brianna Plaza</div></noscript>