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Hightlights from #AskAg Twitter Chat: Digging into Soils

Kicking off the International Year of Soils, January’s #AskAg Twitter Chat centered on sustainable soil management. The event featured Katrin Glatzel, policy and research officer at Agriculture for Impact; Ronald Vargas Rojas, soils and land management technical officer at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; and Upendra Singh, principal soil fertility scientist at The International Fertilizer Development Center.

The presenters offered insights on how researchers and development practitioners can get soil management information to extension agents and smallholder farmers. They shared some of the latest research on soil management programs and techniques, and Glatzel discussed Agriculture for Impact’s new report on soil enhancement in Africa.

The chat explored the following questions:

  • What are the biggest hurdles in reaching farmers with ISFM and other sustainable soil management information?
  • What are key findings from your research for improving productivity and food security in relation to soil management?
  • What resources exist to help extension agents and/or #AgDev professionals improve soils for higher productivity?
  • What resources help smallholders & #AgDev professionals improve livelihoods in the face of soil degradation & #climatechange?
  • What existing policies and programs show promise for promoting sustainable soil management practices in Sub-Saharan Africa?