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ICT Innovations: Kilimo Salama -- A Safety Net for African Farmers

This post is part of a new series about information and communications technology (ICT) tools being used to improve agricultural outcomes. The ICT Innovations blog series is presented by USAID’s FACET project, based on profiles posted at ictforag.org.

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African farmers live with a high level of uncertainty. Kilimo Salama—which means “safe farming” in Kiswahili—offers smallholder farmers access to micro-insurance against either drought or excessive rains. The service is unique in that farmers purchase it through local agro-dealers along with their inputs.
After purchase, the agro-dealers transmit the registration to the insurance provider by using their phone to scan the QR code and enter relevant farmer information. Using solar-powered weather stations installed in participating areas, Kilimo Salama collects information on weather conditions to determine the presence of any extreme weather that is likely to reduce yields. To learn more about this initiative, watch the presentation below or view the slideshow on the Project website.