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Investor Insiders: What does it really take to get an investor to back your technology?

Developing or adapting an agricultural technology can take years of lab work, field testing, and registration, but your product launch is just beginning.

Financing a new technology can be the most challenging aspect of scaling up your concept. Last month, Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation brought together veterans of venture and social enterprise firms that invest in early and seed stage technology companies for a webinar, "Investor Insiders: What does it really take to get an investor to back your technology?" Presenters included: William Gust of Plasmonix, Inc.; Joseph Steig of the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance; Stéphane de Messiéres of Ashoka Changemakers; and moderator Bob Rabatsky, Program Director of FTF-PI.

They explained how they make their funding decisions, what they look for in the companies they fund, and what market entry advice they give their applicants and investees.

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Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation is a USAID and Fintrac program focused on finding and commercializing agricultural technology that can help smallholder farmers. We're working to build public-private partnerships that move agricultural technologies from labs to markets to farms.