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Knowledge Sharing Meeting: Learn, Adapt, Apply

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TOPS/FSN Network are hosting a Knowledge Sharing Meeting in Washington, DC on July 10 – 11, 2014 to spotlight activities that improve responses and processes for lasting successes in food security. 

The title, “Learn, Adapt, Apply,” emphasizes the hands-on approach of the meeting, which will allow participants to learn to develop and carry out planning and implementing tools to strengthen technical capacity, as well as gain expertise in building stronger, more adaptable processes for food security programming.

Session topics include:

  • Theory of Change: What Does It Mean for Implementers and How Does It Apply to Title II Programming?
  • Evidence Base and Measurement of Resilience
  • Linking Agriculture and Nutrition for Improved Program Outcomes
  • A Systems Approach to Development – Essential Features and Implications for Program Design and Management
  • Building Farmer Skills around Climate Change Adaptation: Practical Experiences from the Field

Participants will also have the opportunity to shape the USAID/Food for Peace Strategic Plan in a unique plenary session on Friday, July 11.

View the full draft agenda here. (Please note all sessions are subject to change.)

Registration closes on July 3, so register now to secure your spot.  Click here for additional event details, including hotel reservation information.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting! Email any questions to events@fsnnetwork.org.

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