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Linking Agriculture and Nutrition: SPRING's December Summary of New Research and Tools

Every month, USAID’s multi-sectoral nutrition project SPRING gathers and synthesizes the latest research, reports, tools and news related to linking agriculture and nutrition programming. SPRING’s Agriculture and Nutrition Resource Review keeps you abreast of the many developments in a fast-moving field to help you integrate current evidence into your programs. Our December edition includes information about innovations in behavior change, crop choices and investments in nutrition interventions. A few of these resources are featured below.

Agricultural Commercialization and Nutrition Revisited: Empirical Evidence from Three African Countries

Using nationally representative data from three African countries, this analysis reveals little evidence of a relationship between nutritional status and the degree of agricultural commercialization of farm households. As countries and international agencies prioritize the importance of nutrition-sensitive agriculture, better understanding of the connection between crop choices and nutritional outcomes should remain a research priority.

Dial "N" for Nutrition? A Landscape Analysis of What We Know About m-Nutrition, m-Agriculture and m-Development

Mobile phone technology has the potential to initiate behavior change and facilitate long-term maintenance of new behaviors. This paper reviews the existing m-agri and m-health interventions. The purpose of this review is to help would-be implementers and evaluators understand the landscape they operate in so they can design nutrition and agriculture interventions that stand the greatest chance of having a positive impact.

Compendium of Indicators for Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture

This compendium was designed to help officers responsible for designing nutrition-sensitive food and agriculture investments select appropriate indicators to monitor how these investments impact nutrition (positively or negatively). It provides an overview of indicators that can be relevant as part of a nutrition-sensitive approach, with guidance to select indicators for a given project.

The next edition of the Resource Review will be released in February. In the meantime, we invite you to browse the full list of agriculture-nutrition resources on the SPRING website, which include online discussions, blog posts and news articles. You can also search the past two years of resources for your interest areas and sign up for future resource reviews.