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Linking Agriculture and Nutrition: SPRING's November 2016 Summary of New Research and Tools

Every month, USAID’s multi-sectoral nutrition project, SPRING, gathers and synthesizes the latest research, reports, tools and news related to linking agriculture and nutrition programming. SPRING’s Agriculture and Nutrition Resource Review keeps you abreast of the many developments in a fast-moving field to help you integrate current evidence into your programs. Our November edition includes information about adapting agriculture platforms for nutrition, global strategies to reduce hunger, and reflections on the future of food security. A few of these resources are featured below.

Five Ways to Improve Nutrition Through Agriculture

Agriculture plays an important role in providing nutritious foods and sustainable livelihoods. SPRING’s work has revealed several opportunities for agriculture to contribute to improved nutrition, especially for those most at risk. By addressing these opportunities in current and new agricultural activities, USAID and its implementing partners can more effectively contribute to better nutrition.

Adapting Agriculture Platforms for Nutrition: A Case Study of a Participatory, Video-Based Agricultural Extension Platform in India

This study examines the feasibility of delivering maternal, infant and young child nutrition behavior change communication through an innovative agricultural extension program serving nutritionally vulnerable groups in rural India. The existing agriculture program involves participatory production of low-cost videos promoting best practices and broad dissemination through village-level women’s self-help groups. The report found the nutrition to be well-received by rural communities and viewed as complementary to existing frontline health services.

The State of Food and Agriculture 2016: Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security

The Paris Agreement, adopted in December 2015, represents a new beginning in the global effort to stabilize the climate before it is too late. It recognizes the importance of food security in the international response to climate change, as reflected by many countries focusing prominently on the agriculture sector in their planned contributions to adaptation and mitigation. To help put those plans into action, this report identifies strategies, financing opportunities, and data and information needs. It also describes transformative policies and institutions that can overcome barriers to implementation.

We invite you to check out the full list of 14 agriculture-nutrition resources this month, including online discussions, blog posts and news articles available on the SPRING website. Search the past two years of reviews for your interest areas and sign up for the next resource review to be delivered in December.