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Lisa Gaylord on integrated programming in Madagascar

In this interview conducted at the December 2011 USAID Agriculture Core Course offered by the Bureau for Food Security, Lisa Gaylord discusses how integrated programming happened in the USAID Mission in Madagasgar through the integrated strategic plan.

The USAID Agriculture Core Course course is designed to provide Mission based agriculture officers and other employees managing agriculture and food security programs with an understanding of current policies, technical approaches, and best practices for increasing rural incomes and reducing hunger through agriculture and food security programs. The USAID Agriculture Core Course is implemented by the USAID Knowledge-Driven Microenterprise Development Project Food Security and Agriculture Program.

Bio: Lisa Gaylord 

Beginning in March 2012, Lisa Gaylord will be taking a position with Rio Tinto/QMM in Madagascar as the Director for Community Relations and Sustainable Development. Lisa Gaylord has been the Wildlife Conservation Society Director of Strategic Partnerships based in Washington, DC since August 2010. Lisa has worked for international government, development and conservation organizations during her career and has been a leader in linking environment, economic growth, health and governance through a comprehensive holistic approach. Her involvement with the USAID/Madagascar Environment and Rural Development Programs dates back to 1987. Working for Catholic Relief Services at the time, she was approached by World Wildlife Fund to collaborate as a development partner in one of USAID’s four initial Integrated Conservation and Development project for the Amber Mountain complex. She then managed the USAID funded PVO- NGO NRMS project in Cameroun and Madagascar in the late 1980s. She began working for USAID/Madagascar in June 1990 as the SAVEM Program Coordinator and subsequently as the Environment and Rural Development Coordinator/Team Leader over a span of 18 years through August 2008. She served as the Country Director for Wildlife Conservation Society in Madagascar from 2008-2010. As an active partner in the Madagascar National Environment Action Plan (NEAP) since its beginning in 1990, she served as the co-President of the Joint Environment Program Steering Committee from 2003 – 2008. She currently serves on the Tany Meva Foundation Board of Directors and the Rio/Tinto QMM Biodiversity Steering Committee.