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Obama announces $3 billion in pledges for food security initiative

Obama announces $3 billion in pledges for food security initiative
Via The Hill: President Obama unveiled Friday an international public-private partnership aimed at improving agriculture and reducing hunger in Africa. The goal of the initiative, which is linked to this weekend's G-8 summit, is to lift 50 million people out of hunger and poverty within a decade by investing in modern agricultural methods and technologies.

Remarks by the President at Symposium on Global Agriculture and Food Security
Via The White House: "We’re launching a major new partnership to reduce hunger and lift tens of millions of people from poverty.  And we’ll be joined by leaders from across Africa, including the first three nations to undertake this effort and who join us here today -- I want to acknowledge them: Prime Minister Meles of Ethiopia, President Mills of Ghana, and President Kikwete of Tanzania."

Fact Sheet: G-8 Action on Food Security and Nutrition
Via The White House: At the Camp David Summit, G-8 and African leaders will commit to the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, the next phase of our shared commitment to achieving global food security. The Alliance is a shared commitment to achieve sustained and inclusive agricultural growth and raise 50 million people out of poverty over the next 10 years by aligning the commitments of Africa’s leadership to drive effective country plans and policies for food security; the commitments of private sector partners to increase investments where the conditions are right; and the commitments of the G-8 to expand Africa’s potential for rapid and sustainable agricultural growth. 

New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition
Via The White House Blog: This transformation – from aid alone to aid AND private investment; from just providing assistance to combining assistance and investment – is at the heart of our approach to the next steps of food security and why we’re placing such an emphasis on bringing in private capital and expanding access to markets.

Firms to Invest in Food Production for World’s Poor
Via The New York Times: The Obama administration has drafted some of the world’s largest food and finance companies to invest more than $3 billion in projects aimed at helping the world’s poorest farmers grow enough food to not only feed themselves and their families but to earn a livelihood as well.