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Reader's Corner: Some of the best knowledge-driven agriculture and food security websites

There is renewed commitment and interest in not only capturing information (use of websites, e-newsletters, blogs and other social media) but also in transforming the massive amount of information that technology now makes readily available to us into actionable information. This is what we define as knowledge management - the transformation of data into information we can apply to our work.

USAID’s learning cycle describes how information moves through the learning cycle and includes capturing, sharing and more importantly using the information.

The following websites fit this knowledge management definition because they not only capture information but they also disseminate it and provide examples of how the information has been used or applied. These are my top five choices:

  1. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization website offers a wealth of information. The reports are relevant and the additional websites provide in-depth information; for instance take a look at their Inclusive Value Chains website
  2. UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change database can be searched by climate hazard, impact or coping strategy, or a combination thereof, by selecting from the scroll-down menus.
  3. The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) is the United Nations' forum for reviewing policies concerning world food. It is the most inclusive international and intergovernmental platform for all relevant stakeholders to work together to ensure food security and nutrition.
  4. The World Bank’s Agriculture and Rural development website publishes extensive information on several agriculture related topics and provides additional links to resources.
  5. When it comes to technical webinars and learning through videos and e-conferences, Agrilinks leads the way not only in content and accessibility but also in the quality of the webinars.

Share the websites that you depend on for information and that apply to your development work. Post the link and tell us why you like it. Thank you!