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Reader's Corner: Value chains, investing in women, holistic approaches

Veronica LetelierWelcome to the third installment of the Agrilinks Reader’s Corner, a new blog series on the latest agriculture issues from agribusiness and food security specialist Veronica Letelier. As Veronica sifts through the latest research, reports, articles and blogs, she will be sharing her top picks, saving you hours of extra reading time! Veronica’s idea of a fun Friday evening involves a fresh agriculture report, a glass of fair trade wine, and her dog Lola cuddled up next to her on the couch. So join us for the latest entry to see what Veronica is reading this week. 

This week I'm highlighting three reports that came across my desk. 

When is the use of the value chain approach most appropriate?

This report from the Institute of Development Studies highlights the importance of conducting impact evaluations to generate evidence on the effectiveness of value chains at reducing poverty and thus benefiting the poor. It compares lead firm interventions vs. market linkages interventions and reminds us to look at cause and effect before we design value chain interventions that will indeed create better opportunities to include vulnerable groups and the very poor.

More evidence to invest in women and gender?

As a follow up to my last post on the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI),I was reminded of this Gender Equality and Development, 2012 World Development Reportby the World Bank. Not that we need more evidence for supporting investments in women and gender activities but still a good resource to remind us about the gaps that still persist.

A relevant tool for assuring agricultural sustainability

A holistic approach for agricultural development, written in 1983, is still a relevant resource. The full process assures that learning at each stage is incorporated and updated at regular intervals and can be applied at any time of the project cycle but particularly at its beginning.