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Solutions for Last-Mile Input Delivery: #AskAg Highlights

Getting the right inputs (along with the right information) into the hands of farmers who need them is a continuous challenge in the field of agricultural development. April’s #AskAg Twitter Chat examined the issue of last-mile input delivery and smallholder input access in rural communities in order to flush out some of the existing challenges as well as ways of overcoming them. We tapped experts Richard Mkandawire (African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership), Regis Chikowo (Africa RISING and Michigan State University), Augustin Wambo Yamdjeu (New Partnership for Africa's Development), and David Hong (One Acre Fund) to share their know-how and advice for better reaching smallholders with improved inputs in remote areas.

We posed the following questions to our experts and to our extended audience:

  • What are the major challenges to reaching farmers with needed inputs, particularly fertilizers?
  • What are the most promising solutions for last-mile delivery of inputs such as fertilizers that are financially sustainable/cost-effective?
  • What are some existing examples of innovative and successful PPPs that have overcome barriers to input distribution?
  • How are inputs best distributed in rural farming communities?
  • What other factors need to be considered for successful uptake/adoption of improved inputs?

Below are some of the resources shared during the chat. Make sure to check out the Storify below for some additional highlights from the Twitter Chat.

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