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WATCH: How Soy Dairy Operations Bring Economic Growth and Nutrition to Rural Communities

Community-scale soy dairy processing units are capable of providing enterprises with new market opportunities that support both economic growth and nutrition. 

Krystal Montesdeoca, the Soybean Innovation Lab’s soybean food business economist led this webinar focused on developing sustainable and successful soy dairy processing enterprises.

The webinar includes presentations from: 

Dr. Marilyn Nash from the National Soybean Research Lab at University of Illinois on the benefits of soy for human nutrition. Hart Jansson from Malnutrition Matters on soy processing and the Soy Cow system. Elizabeth Parisi and Pedro Manrique from Programa Nutricional Basado en Soya, (PNBS, a nutritional program based in soy) on soy dairy entrepreneurship. Click here to watch a video about Programa Nutricional Basado en Soya. 

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