Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

WATCH: Videos from the Climate-Smart Agriculture GLEE

In March, the Agrilinks Team joined key experts from USAID/Washington, Missions and implementing partners for the Climate-Smart Agriculture Global Learning and Evidence Exchange (GLEE), a forum to discuss climate-smart agriculture's role in development and how activities can best integrate CSA approaches. Check out these two videos from the GLEE and check back soon for more content.  

In this video Beth Dunford, USAID Assistant to the Administrator and Deputy Coordinator for Development for the Feed the Future Initiative, describes how USAID integrates climate risk management in Feed the Future activities. She mentions that Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) can help smallholder farmers become more resilient to climate variability.

This session features Rob Bertram, Chief Scientist at the Bureau for Food Security, and provides an introduction to the main points in the Bureau's Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) framework paper published in February. It outlines why Feed the Future is now building on climate as a cross-cutting theme to more fully incorporate CSA into the value chain approach, and how this “reframing” is key for meeting Feed the Future's goals of decreasing poverty and improving nutrition through agricultural development.

 Looking for more information on CSA? Visit the CSA GLEE event page to download:

  • The Climate-Smart Agriculture Integration Framework
  • Paper: Climate-Smart Agriculture in Feed the Future Programs
  • Presentation slides from all GLEE sessions
  • 3 videos from sessions by USAID’s Rob Bertram, Beth Dunford and Mark Visocky
  • 20 “CSA in Action” videos featuring GLEE attendees
  • Additional tools and resources from USAID and implementing partners

Making Smallholder Farmers Climate Resilient: Beth Dunford