Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

KDLT - Agrilinks' New Stewards!

This post is contributed by the Feed the Future Knowledge, Data, Learning, and Training activity Chief of Party, Meaghan Murphy.

It’s a season of change and continued growth for Agrilinks, and it’s my pleasure to write this post on behalf of our Feed the Future Knowledge, Data, Learning and Training (KDLT) activity team, the new stewards of the Agrilinks community and platform, funded by the USAID Bureau for Food Security (BFS). We are excited to work with the Agrilinks community and USAID to build on the results and successes to date. At present we are working closely with USAID to establish our foundations across the areas of knowledge, learning, data and training to ensure a successful launch, but I wanted to take an opportunity to provide a broad introduction. We look forward to collaborating with you in the weeks, months and years to come, on Agrilinks and beyond.

About us

KDLT will continue to position USAID/BFS as a knowledge-sharing and learning organization with enhanced capacity to collaborate with USAID Missions, implementing partners, and the broader food security community to achieve better development results.

KDLT will focus on five key results:

  • Improved and sustained capacity for knowledge-sharing,
  • Expanded capacity for on-demand, accurate data analysis and visualization,
  • Maintenance, growth, and improvement in USAID web platforms and databases (including Agrilinks),
  • Increased awareness and use of new evidence and learnings to influence programmatic procurement and decision-making, and
  • Improved culture of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, learning, and adapting among USAID staff, Feed the Future Missions, and Feed the Future implementing partners.

KDLT brings together a wide range of expertise from Bixal, as well as our core partners The QED Group and Training Resources Group, and resource partners Alegre Associates and MarketShare Associates. We are committed to supporting an engaged and dynamic learning community with USAID in support of the Feed the Future initiative as guided by the U.S. Government Global Food Security Strategy. To accomplish this, we will draw on a wide range of learning approaches, tools and innovative technologies.

Stay tuned!

We’re excited to engage with you in new ways and the ways you’ve come to depend on, including sharing knowledge, content, events, and resources on Agrilinks. We are eager to learn with you and will be reaching out to understand more about your knowledge sharing and learning priorities and needs, and what you’d like to see out of this community and platform. More to come and please let us know if you have questions at info@agrilinks.org.


I would be glad to see an article on humity-indicating cards or card hygrometers.  And where they can be obtained.