Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Session 2: Developing Your Activity Theory of Change and Results Framework


A Theory of Change makes explicit the way we think about a current situation or problem, its underlying causes, the long-term change we seek, and what needs to happen in order for that change to come about. You will explore various elements of a Theory of Change to build common understanding around the process needed to achieve a desired change. It is key to articulate assumptions, identify and asses each stakeholder's level of influence and how this might affect each pathway of change.

Session Objectives:

Create a Theory of Change for Feed the Future activities and apply the Results Framework to the activities:

  • Articulate a TOC for an activity given the activity description
  • Draw the causal pathways
  • Identify assumptions
  • Develop a results framework based on the Theory of Change
  • Identify goal, strategic objectives, intermediate results, sub-intermediate results
  • Identify, at each level, results necessary and sufficient to achieve the results the level above, for the selected causal path
  • Draw the links between the activity results framework and the Feed the Future results framework

Session Developer: Salik Farooqi, J.D., Ph.D.