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Session 6: Collecting Performance Monitoring Data

Performance Monitoring Course: Collecting Performance Monitoring Data


This session builds your capacity to collect representative data at many different levels; putting together the steps involved in implementing a survey, and approximating timeline for implementation using a Gantt chart. Careful planning is critical, each step builds on the last and quality control at every step is essential for collection of good quality data that can be used for programmatic decision-making, monitoring, and evaluation. You will receive guidance in clearly identifying pieces of information your indicators require and some practices in measuring area.

Session Objectives:

Understand how to collect good quality quantitative performance monitoring data:

  • Become cognizant of essential tasks and timelines for implantation of a household survey
  • Extract essential information requirements form indicator definition
  • Translate indicator data requirements to a data collection instrument (survey questionnaire)
  • Measure plot area
  • Understand core survey sampling concepts: bias and precision

Session Developers: Kiersten Johnson, Ph.D., Anna Brenes