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This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Session 9: Submitting Open Data

Feed the Future Performance Monitoring Course: Open Data: Policy and Process


The Open Data policy is to ensure usable data as a delivery, promote transparency and data sharing. Accessible, discoverable, and usable data fuels entrepreneurship, innovation, scientific discovery, and enhances development outcomes. It contributes to improved design and implementation of development programs while reducing expensive and redundant data collection efforts. Sharing data supports meta-analysis, saves money, and fosters continued research. Open Access/Open Data is vitally important to increasing the visibility and impact of agriculture research to development stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Session Objectives:

Submit data meeting Feed the Future policy and requirements for open data:

  • Know the policy and requirements for submitting open data

Session Developer: Laura Hughes, Ph.D.