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Board for International Food and Agricultural Development Public Meeting Resilience Measurement and Analysis

 Tune in at 9:00 am to watch the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development Public Meeting Resilience Measurement and Analysis.


corrected. Streaming now

Dr Cissé measurement is interesting. I am wondring if there is a comparison before/after choc ?

I would appreciate a wider group that includes universities or researchers/practitioners, in addition to the well-known and recognized universities that are currently involved.  Can we also think about deeply understanding the system without an urgency to scale-up?  We clearly do not understand the various ecological systems much less focus on humans within these. We can progress with the biodiversity within the research of resiliency but scaling up may push hegemony. 

For practitioners, program outcomes are assessed but often not reported outside the community group or funder. Is there a place to share this information so that the research of practitioners can contribute to our knowledge? 

Heads of State and Government in Africa have recognized that agriutral transformation in Africa requires enhancing climate resilient production systems and livelihoods. However, lack of capacity in measurement and analysis of resilielience has become one of the main challenges to monitor and report on the progress made towards agricultural transformation in Africa. We consider development of the metrics and public meeting to create awareness on available methods highly relevant. Can the organizers of this meeting and the TWG on resilience consider to organize similar meeting with special focus on Africa? The Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture of the African Union Commission is keen to collaborate with relevant institutions and can make presentation justifying the need for developement of capacity to measure and analyse resilience.  

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