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Watch Now: USG’s Global Food Security Research Strategy, From Upstream Research to Development Impact

Tune in live to today's BIFAD public meeting for an update on the Global Food Security Act implementation and the launch of the new U.S. Government's Global Food Security Research Strategy, sessions on Cutting-Edge Science for Development, Practical Applications of Research Results, Applying Research to Emerging Threats, a public comment session and more. View a detailed agenda.

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Don't forget to check out the new USG Global Food Security Research Strategy, just launched today at the BIFAD meeting: https://feedthefuture.gov/resource/us-governments-global-food-security-research-strategy

Please, am finding it difficult to join the live stream

try to use internet explorer on desktop or laptop computer


What kind of device are you using (computer, tablet, phone)? Please try this link if you are using a phone or tablet. If you are using a Windows computer, please try using Internet Explorer.

Hi, following the Livestream, quite interesting but still cant access the datailed Agenda...the link isn't working somehow?

Hello. Dr. Esther Ngumbi, Auburn University and Food Security Fellow with Aspen Institute New Voices. Great talks and insights as well as takeaway lessons

Great discussion on the role of US in global food security, evidence based benefits and impacts for US, financially speaking, (this is wonderful!); but to my point of view impacts and benefits for developping countries are not presented, and more progress need to be made on agricultural products processing especially in Africa to make them able to export products to US, this could increase more benefits for US enterprises!

Issifou, thanks for tuning in and for your thoughts - I think the presentations tried to highlight how this research is a win-win for US and our developing country partners, who really are the intended primary beneficiary of the research. Exports are a great example of that indeed, but many of the research projects also focus on crops mainly for domestic markets and home consumption, such as the legume labs. Cheers! 

Thanks to you all for joining the livestream! Stay posted for materials to be posted to Agrilinks soon, including a full recording of the event, the research strategy itself, and all of the presentation decks. Let us know what you thought of the day's presentations!