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This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.


Start a discussion by posting a question or a topic relevant to global food security and development and inviting your networks to join the dialogue; engage with your peers by responding to others’ discussions. Agrilinks also hosts periodic discussion events in this space.

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Join us on April 26, 2018, from 12pm to 1pm EDT, as a panel of experts from the 2018 Cracking the Nut conference discuss the uptake of new technologies for agriculture and access to finance to promote resilience. Visit the event page for the list of experts and some of our planned discussion...
Do you have a favorite agriculture or food security related infographic? Post it or link to it below, and we’ll select our three favorites to showcase on the site! I look forward to seeing what there is out there!
Please join the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development, an advisory committee to the US Agency for International Development (USAID), for a World Food Prize side event on October 17, 2017. The meeting will include the awarding of the BIFAD Prize for Scientific Excellence, an...
I was in Egypt this July for the USAID Farmer–to–Farmer program teaching two international management courses. A friend recommended a place for Egyptian street food, which appeared to be clean though the restaurant was almost empty. I ate three of the most famous Egyptian dishes. The main plate is...
Tune In Now: USG’s Global Food Security Research Strategy, From Upstream Research to Development Impact
Welcome to the new and improved Agrilinks! If you’ve been a follower of the site for a while, we’d love to know more about how you use Agrilinks.
Tune in at 9:00 am to watch the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development Public Meeting Resilience Measurement and Analysis.
I'm excited to further the conversation about how entomophagy - the practice of eating insects - can help fill a nutritional gap for both humans and livestock worldwide.
Tune in at 9:00 am to watch the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development Public Meeting Building an Evidence Base on Rural Youth Employment and Livelihoods.
Pleased to see this new work by Dr. Nathalie Me-Nsope , a great colleague and a former Cultural Practice consultant. We couldn’t agree more - gender relations shape the adoption of new agricultural technologies. Agricultural innovators would do well to apply gender analysis to make sure both men...