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Accelerating Investment for Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry in Southeast Asia

Event Date: 
Apr 26, 2018
9:00 am to 10:00 am EDT
Online Event
USAID-funded Climate Economic Analysis for Development, Investment and Resilience (CEADIR) Activity


WEBINAR: Countries in Southeast Asia are working to reduce deforestation, forest degradation, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by implementing national climate change commitments and other strategies. Business leaders and investors have also made ambitious commitments to address climate risks. At the same time, the region continues to have some of the highest rates of deforestation in the world, driven by land conversion for agricultural expansion and over-harvesting to meet growing demand. However, agricultural and forest productivity can be improved, while reducing GHG emissions and other adverse environmental and social impacts. Achieving these gains will require harnessing the power of the private sector and international markets to reduce commodity-driven deforestation and high-emission production practices across the region.

Please join the CEADIR Discussion Series on April 26, 2018 for a webinar on “Accelerating Investment for Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry in Southeast Asia.” This webinar will highlight new strategies to scale up climate-smart investment and discuss recent progress, next steps, and lessons learned. Register here: https://ceadirseries.adobeconnect.com/apr2018/event/registration.html?campaign-id=Agrilinks 

  • Yohann Formont (Senior Finance Advisor for USAID Green Invest Asia) will share insights on helping investors identify new business models, and expanding networks in agriculture, forestry, and land-use to remove barriers and open up new opportunities for climate-smart finance.
  • Tony Siantonas (Climate Smart Agriculture Manager for the World Business Council on Sustainable Development) will discuss how leading companies and financial institutions are working to increase food production while transforming agricultural systems to be more resilient to weather and climate risks and stressors.
  • Mikell O’Mealy (CEADIR Activity Manager for Clean Energy and Sustainable Landscapes) will moderate and highlight strategies for linking public and private finance and strengthening public-private collaborations to scale up climate-smart agriculture and forestry in Southeast Asia.


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