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AgResults: Building Inclusive Market Systems Through Private Sector Prize Competitions

Event Date: 
Mar 11, 2019
9:00 am to 10:30 am EDT
Online Event
BEAM Grab the Mic webinar


How can we understand the AgResults prize competition model as a driver for private sector-led inclusive market systems development?

This webinar will look at how the model can strengthen market systems to sustainably improve the lives of smallholder farmers.  

It will reflect on AgResults’ efforts over the last five years and provide key takeaways for development practitioners interested in learning how proper design and implementation of prize competitions can set the stage for systemic transformation in a variety of markets and settings. 

AgResults has shown how prize competitions can and should be considered a regular component of any market systems development practitioner’s toolkit. Lessons have shown the importance of understanding root causes of market failures, recognising contextual complexities, and encouraging sustainable ‘crowding in’ of actors through monetary prizes.

About the presentations

  • Aviva Kutnick from USAID will provide an overview of the prize competition model and highlight how it aligns with MSD principles. 
  • Parasto Hamed from the AgResults Secretariat will explore two examples of prize competitions in Nigeria and Uganda. She will show how each was, or was not, successful in leading to systemic market change. 
  • Rachel Lambert will focus on the importance of conducting rigorous evaluation to measure results and impact, both in the overall market and with respect to smallholder farmer livelihoods. 

About AgResults
Funded by USAID (US), DFID (UK), DFAT (Australia), GAC (Canada) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, AgResults has designed and implemented six prize competitions focusing on spurring fundamental change in market relationships between the private sector and smallholder farmers.


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