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Critical Success Factors for Soy Dairy Development and Scaling

Event Date: 
Jan 23, 2020
10:00 am to 11:00 am EST
Online Event


What are the critical factors enabling profitable soy dairy local enterprises? 
Why are some soy dairy enterprises more successful than others? 
How do benchmarking and performance evaluations build sustainable and profitable systems? 

Hundreds of soy dairy enterprises have been launched by NGOs across the globe in an effort to bring improved nutrition to local communities. Yet reliable data on the performance, sustainability, and profitability of these enterprises is lacking. Good data collection practices can allow small businesses and young entrepreneurs to benchmark their own operations and continuously look for ways to improve and scale to achieve greater profitability and success. The Soybean Innovation Lab’s mandate is to produce evidence-based guidance for the development community. Partnering with the USAID Malawi Feed the Future Agriculture Diversification (AgDiv) Activity, SIL has tracked economic and performance data of 5 local soy dairy enterprises and 199 soy kit recipients in Malawi.

Join SIL and partners on Thursday, January 23 at 9am CST as we present the Critical Success Factors for Soy Dairy Development and Scaling. During the webinar you will learn about the performance of the Soy Cow and Soy Kit systems, ask questions to AgDiv and SIL experts, and get informed about the critical factors of a data driven strategy for successful soy dairy development.



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