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Nutrition, Sanitation, & Hygiene Indicators {Feed the Future MEL Webinar Series}

Event Date: 
Oct 11, 2018
9:00 am to 10:30 am EDT
Online Event
Feed the Future


The recording and transcript for this webinar are now available.

In October 2017, a revised set of Feed the Future indicators was announced, in alignment with the Feed the Future results framework and the USG Global Food Security Strategy. In March 2018, Feed the Future's MEL Division published the updated Feed the Future Indicator Handbook, which contains definitions of each of these indicators, plus instructions for use. These indicators are intended for use beginning in the 2018-19 fiscal year.

At this webinar, representatives from the USAID Bureau for Food Security. Global Health, and Food for Peace will outline and discuss the suite of Nutrition, Sanitation, & Hygiene indicators for Feed the Future activities:

  • HL.9-1 - Number of children under five (0-59 months) reached with nutrition-specific interventions through USG-supported programs
  • HL.9-2 - Number of children under two (0-23 months) reached with community-level nutrition interventions through USG-supported programs 
  • HL.9-3 - Number of pregnant women reached with nutrition-specific interventions through USG-supported programs
  • HL.9-4 - Number of individuals receiving nutrition-related professional training through USG-supported programs
  • HL.9-15 - Percent of participants of community-level nutrition interventions who practice promoted infant and young child feeding behaviors
  • EG.3.3-10 - Percentage of female participants of USG nutrition-sensitive agriculture activities consuming a diet of minimum diversity
  • HL.8.2-2 - Number of people gaining access to a basic sanitation service as a result of USG assistance
  • HL.8.2-5 - Percentage of households with soap and water at a handwashing station commonly used by family members

Need guidance on other Feed the Future indicators, or other aspects of the Feed the Future Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning System? Check out our MEL Webinar Series and our MEL Toolbox!


Photo of Lindsey Anna
M&E Advisor
USAID Bureau for Food Security
USAID Water Office
Photo of Elizabeth Bontrager
Nutrition Advisor
USAID Office of Food for Peace
Photo of Julie MacCartee
KM Learning Specialist
USAID Bureau for Food Security

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