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Practices Impacting Yield & Incomes of Smallholder Farmers

Event Date: 
Mar 27, 2019
7:00 am to 8:00 am PDT
Online Event
Feed the Future Developing Local Extension Capacity


Lessons and Results from Pilots on Impactful Practices in India, Ethiopia and Nigeria

The Feed the Future Developing Local Extension Capacity (DLEC) Project invites you to join a webinar to share the results and lessons learnt on promoting the most impactful agricultural practices. 

DLEC consortium partner, Digital Green, has a number of years of experience of promoting good agricultural practices during which we learned that: 1) farmers typically only adopt a fraction of the practices shown in the videos that they watch; 2) some practices are easier to adopt than others; and 3) not all practices contribute equally to yield and income. To ensure that farmers adopt those practices that enable the highest return on investment, Digital Green has promoted the concept of Impactful Practices (IP). Rather than promoting the full package of good agricultural practices that are recommended for each crop (e.g., on average 7-12 practices across the production cycle), DLEC and Digital Green tested promoting just a sub-section of practices called IPs (e.g., on average 1- 3 practices) shown to enable highest yield and return on investment gains. We have tested the efficacy of IPs across multiple value chains like rice, maize, and groundnut and found that it can result in anywhere from 24% to a 300% increase in yield when compared to traditional extension approaches. Our experiments tested in three diverse geographies -- i.e. Ethiopia, India and Nigeria have shown that there is no one way to design and execute the IP approach and that its impact can vary across contexts.

If you're working to support smallholder farmers, join this Webinar to hear practitioners share their learnings and experiences of rolling out the IP approach. Call in details will be sent upon registration.


Dr. Kristin Davis, Project Director, DLEC


Abhinav Kumar, Manager, Monitoring & Evaluation - India, Digital Green
An MBA from Institute of Rural Management Anand and a data enthusiast, Abhinav has been part of the phenomenal journey of Digital Green since 2013. His core interests include data interpretation and presentation, strategic planning and project management. Abhinav has worked on multiple and diverse projects across India relating to Agriculture as well as Health & Nutrition. He has conceptualised, designed and led several lean surveys, evaluation studies. He led the monitoring and evaluation of Impactful Practices for DG particularly the assessment exercise for paddy and wheat in Bihar.

Tadele Fayso, Monitoring & Evaluation Director - Ethiopia, Digital Green  
Tadele has over 17 years’ experience of program evaluation, quality assurance and developing performance monitoring frameworks for large and complex development programs. He has worked with Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency, JeCCDO, FARM Africa, Child Fund and Chemomics international. Currently, he is leading monitoring, evaluation and learning unit within Digital Green Ethiopia. He has also undertaken studies on volunteerism and agricultural technology adoption and published on Psychology and Behavioral Science and Agricultural Research and technology international journals. Tadele is also a board member of Ethiopian Evaluation Association.

Henry Kinyua, Head of East Africa, Digital Green
Henry brings extensive experience in public sector delivery systems, agribusiness strategy, market linkages and organizational development experience to his new role at Digital Green. Prior to Digital Green, Henry was an Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries County Executive for Nyeri County in Kenya, Agriculture Technical Advisor at Dalberg Global Development Advisors and the Director of Market Efficiencies within the Tanzania President's Office Agriculture Delivery Division.


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