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Resilience in global food systems: what does this look like and what will it take? AIARD annual meeting 2019

Event Date: 
Jun 02, 2019 to Jun 04, 2019
5:00 pm to 2:00 pm EDT
Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development (AIARD)


Nourishing the world’s population in an era of increasing strain on planetary resources and boundaries requires a more resilient global food system. Yet how do we understand resilience in global food systems? What is the capacity of our global food systems to respond and adapt to shocks and stress? What are the dimensions of resilience that relate to food systems?

AIARD’s 55th annual meeting will address these critical questions to discuss what building resilient global food systems looks like, both now and in the future. Are investments in building resilience a better bet for the sustainability of human populations and the planet on which we depend? How do issues of working across local, national, regional and global scales impact the resilience in our global food systems? How does building resilience equate to developing self-reliance in our global food systems? And how will we know if we’re on track to build resilient food systems for all people, both now and for future generations?


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