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Agriculture Education and Training (AET) System in Nepal: Present Status, Challenges, and Future Priorities

Date Published: 
September 15, 2013

This report examines the present status of agricultural education and training (AET) in Nepal and draws attention towards the current challenges and problems. It specifically looks at the agricultural education structure, analyzes the pressing problems and offers several recommendations for next steps to build capacity of the AET system in Nepal.     

The report argues in a rapidly changing social and natural environment, strong AET is a pre-requisite for social and economic development in a country like Nepal. Here we emphasize the importance of improving AET systems by strengthening the innovative capabilities of AET organizations and professionals, changing organizational cultures, behaviors, and incentives, and building innovation networks and linkages.     

This country assessment is based on a fact-finding operation searching for adequate information about the current agricultural training and education system in Nepal. The accumulation of the facts involved gathering of data through both primary and secondary sources, including interviews, a focus group and literature review.     

Key reforms recommended include improving the infrastructure of AET organizations and aligning the mandates with societal and country needs, improving student/public impressions of agriculture through effective awareness programs, promoting practical programs that are more strategically attuned to the different needs of society, motivating young agricultural scientists to stay in Nepal through upgrading facilities and offering attractive packages, and improving the institutional capacity linkages between AET and diverse user communities, knowledge sources and private industries. In the final section, the study also puts forward recommended next steps for potential involvement in Nepal by innovATE, a new USAID-funded mechanism for building capacity in AET in developing countries.