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Caribbean Climate Online Risk and Adaptation tooL

Date Published: 
September 4, 2014

The Caribbean Climate Online Risk and Adaptation tooL (CCORAL) is an online support system for climate-resilient decision making.

It helps users undertake the following:

  • Quick screening
  • Understanding climate influence
  • Applying climate risk management process
  • Finding tools in the CCORAL toolbox
  • Learning more

CCORAL is a system that helps decision makers see activities through a ‘climate’ or ‘climate change’ lens, and to identify actions that minimise climate-related loss, take advantage of opportunities and build climate resilient development in their countries.

CCORAL is designed to engender a risk management ethic in decision making. It takes a pragmatic approach, promoting the right tools and techniques to fit the context of Caribbean decision making, available time and resources and uncertainty about climate variability and change.