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Chemical Management Guidelines for Control of Pests and Diseases of Vegetables and Melons in Georgia

Date Published: 
March 22, 2016

This insect and diseases management booklet provides current information on application rates and safe use of chemicals registered for use on important vegetable and melon varieties grown in Georgia. Crops covered in this booklet are ordered according to Georgia alphabet: 1) Eggplant, 2) Potato, 3) Cucumber, 4) Cabbage, 5) Tomato, 6) Carrot, 7) Pepper, 8) Beet, 9) Onion & garlic, 10) Watermelon and 11) Melon. All chemicals included in this booklet are registered and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture in Georgia.

The booklet contains 3 types of Tables, 1- Insecticides used in vegetables and melons in Georgia; 2- Pesticides Safety Schemes; 3- Chemical Spray Guide for control of Diseases, insects and weeds in vegetables and Melons fields. Table 1 summarizes all insecticides sold in Georgia, their IRAC codes and application rates. Table 2 contains pesticide safety information for each crop covered in the field guide including FRAC, IRAC and HRAC codes, pre harvest period for each chemical, entry period and allowed number of applications per season. Table 3 is a Chemical Spray Guide for control of diseases, insects and weeds infesting these crops and provides information about how these chemicals should be used at different stages of plant development. Recommendations are based on information listed in the manufacturers’ labels and from information provided by the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia. Performance of these pesticides may not always be acceptable, because of differences in environmental conditions, severity of pest pressure and methods of application.

This publication is intended to be used only as a guide. Always follow instructions and safety information listed in the pesticide label. 

For questions, concerns, or suggestions for improvement regarding this handbook, please contact Andro Khetereli andro@georgianels.ge