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Creating Space for Her Voice Factors that Influence Western Honduran Rural Women’s Participation in Leadership Roles

Date Published: 
March 27, 2017

Women have played an important role in agriculture in the Western regions of Honduras; however, gender disparities have continued to exist in access to skill development trainings and participation in leadership positions in agricultural organizations. Governmental and non-governmental organizations in Honduras have been striving to include more rural women in these opportunities. Although increasing women’s leadership has been part of many development efforts, extensive research on this phenomenon, especially with rural women farmers, has been limited in the literature. To achieve gender equality more women must participate in leadership roles in order to give voice to their needs and increase their abilities to set and attain goals. By providing more training and support for women in leadership, the social norms that limit women’s opportunities can shift, yielding more access to economic opportunities and increased decision-making in the home and community.