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Emerging Plant Diseases: Tomorrow's Rice

Date Published: 
July 13, 2013

This seminar is part of the "Emerging Plant Diseases" series.

Dr. Jan Leach of Colorado State University shares her thoughts on some of the traits that scientists and agricultural development workers must consider including in future crop improvement programs to keep up with the demands of the planet. She uses examples from her program's research to provide ideas of information that is needed to develop resilient rice plants and how some of these important traits might be approached. She posits that "tomorrow's rice" must be durably resistant to a broad spectrum of diseases and pests, promote human health, provide energy (a value-added trait), and of course, be delicious!

Download a PDF of the presentation slides at right. You can view the presenter's notes by clicking on the speech bubble icon at the top left corner of the presentation.

Bio: Dr. Jan E. Leach is a University Distinguished Professor at Colorado State University and an Adjunct Scientist at the International Rice Research Institute (Philippines). She is an authority on the molecular biology of plant-pathogen interactions.  Her research focuses on understanding the molecular basis of durable disease resistance, particularly in rice-pathogen interactions.