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Enabling the Business of Agriculture 2016

Date Published: 
January 29, 2016

An enabling environment for the business of agriculture is critical to respond to evolving market trends. It includes macroeconomic and sector-specific laws, policies, regulations, support services, information structures and labor force preparedness. It sets the stage for all business activities that have to do with producing goods on farms and transporting them to processors and consumers. Understanding this environment can help create policies that facilitate doing business in agriculture and increase the investment attractiveness and competitiveness of countries.

Enabling the Business of Agriculture 2016 measures regulations that impact firms in the agribusiness value chain, providing data and analysis that allow policy makers to compare their country’s laws and regulations with those of others. Clear and accessible laws foster a business environment that benefits all market players—from farmers, including the more vulnerable such as female farmers and smallholders, to consumers and large investors. But when regulations are too complex, unpredictable or discriminatory, they raise costs and cut incentives to enter formal and competitive markets.