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Evaluation of Small-Scale Producers with Multiple Public-Private Partnerships in Produce Production and Marketing Organizations in Kenya

Date Published: 
March 24, 2015

Private and public extension service providers can help improve food security and alleviate poverty through improved income generation, which is of particular benefit to smallholder subsistence farmers.

This study explores public and private sector approaches to extension and advisory services in Kenya, as well as their impacts on agricultural development among smallholders. The study included a survey which covered five out of the eight Kenyan provinces. The National Agricultural Sector Extension Policy set the survey guidelines.

The study found that smallholder subsistence farmers are highly dependent on a wide range of extension advisory services, despite the current lack of a national legal or policy framework to guide providers. Therefore, a key study recommendation is that the government develop and implement national policies for extension advisory services pertaining to, for example, commercial farming, structured and harmonized extension approaches, and duplication of services. The study also points to the need for extension service providers to develop standard approaches for dealing with pests, diseases and safe use requirements, all of which heavily influence gross productivity and profit margins for smallholders.