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Extension: Farm Walk

Click on the resource icon in the right hand corner above to access the full text. This is one out of a series of fact sheets on classic and proven methods of extension delivery with lots of practical tips intended for extension practitioners, trainers and facilitators. 

What is a Farm Walk?

Farmers first and foremost believe other farmers experiences and believe more what they can see than what they hear. The Farm Walk – where farmers present their experiences in their own fields to other farmers – is thus as an effective way to promote farming options.

Planning a Farm Walk

Real needs and real solutions: Start by making sure major farmers’ needs are being addressed, that the true cause of the problems are identified and that appropriate viable solutions are tested. Initial testing may be on-station or in farmers’ fields. Farmers are then invited to choose treatments for their own on-farm demonstrations – or “Farm Walks”.

Training: Training in key aspects of the new technology may be required to ensure that new options are correctly understood and applied.

 While researcher-led demonstrations can raise awareness, farmer-led demonstrations are more likely to lead to change.