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Extension: Making Fact Sheets

Mark Bell
Paul Marcotte
USAID Modernizing Extension and Advisory Services (MEAS) project
University of California at Davis
Date Published: 
March 5, 2013

Click on the resource icon in the right hand corner above to access the full text. This is one out of a series of fact sheets on classic and proven methods of extension delivery with lots of practical tips intended for extension practitioners, trainers and facilitators. 

Our definitions:

  • A “Fact sheet” provides clear, simple and practical “how to” information. The target audience is often intermediaries who will work with farmers.
  • An “Info sheet” is a short document (e.g., 1 page) that provides general information to give a broad understanding of a topic. The target audience is often intermediaries who will work with farmers.
  • A “Farmers note” is developed for farmers (In many cases, this may require development for a non-literate audience.)

Good fact sheets are:

  • For a target audience – Be clear on who they are and what information they need to act?
  • Understandable – Use simple, easily understood language. Avoid Jargon or specialized technical terms.
  • Relevant – Ensure recommendations are beneficial and appropriate for the target area.

Action-oriented – Provide enough information so that someone can actually do something based on the FS. In development of the sheet, separate “need to know” from “nice to know”.