Feed the Future
This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy Annual Report

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy recently released its annual report covering research and activities progress over the past year. The overall goal of the FSP program is to promote inclusive agricultural productivity growth, improved nutritional outcomes, and enhanced livelihood resilience for men and women through improved policy environments. The goal will be achieved by fostering credible, inclusive, transparent and sustainable policy processes at country and regional levels and filling critical policy evidence gaps. The second full year of FSP implementation was also motivated by the Malabo Declaration goals of doubling smallholder productivity and tripling intra‐African trade by 2025 as a means to accelerate poverty reduction. The Leader Award supported design and implementation of two new associate in Nigeria and Senegal, building on lessons learned from associate awards launched in Burma and Malawi during the first year of FSP.

Food systems, especially in Africa, are changing rapidly. Employment generation in agriculture and the food economy is an increasingly important dimension of food security. FSP analyzes upstream and downstream food system transformation in a range of countries using a structural transformation lens. Research on upstream transformation has looked at sustainable intensification challenges (including fertilizer and seed policy), and changing land dynamics and their effect on mechanization and rural employment. This research has yielded paradigm shifting findings, especially on farm size in Africa that have been widely shared through conferences and publications as well as consultations with country ministries and other planning authorities. Similar progress has been attained on the understanding the dynamics of diet change associated with urbanization on linkages to producers and processors.

In addition to global research and engagement FSP provides demand driven strategic analytic support to USAID, national governments and other key stakeholders. This support has focused on support to the Africa Union Commission and other regional leadership forums on guidance to support implementation of the Malabo declaration.